There will be dates (aside from my children’s birthdays) that will be forever etched in my brain like January 23, 1963; July 19, 1969; September 11, 2001 and now March 17, 2020 when the quarantine started in North Carolina. There was so much fear and anxiety that followed as we watched numbers go up whether an increase in cases or an increase in job loss. There seemed some solidarity in our staying home to “flatten the curve.” We demonstrated resilience by moving things and interactions to a virtual space. I felt inspired to do more watercolor.

I could say that this watercolor inspired me to start creating greeting cards to stay in touch with close friends and family members. After sending this out in April 2020, the feedback was heartwarming. The card generated a sense of calm in an otherwise anxious world.

This is perhaps my favorite watercolor show how our current world is being invaded by things that scare us; being reminded that this is not permanent; and, hopeful we will be better when this is behind us.

Stay safe.


There are reports from a variety of medical outlets that people are having vivid and intense dreams during this pandemic. My dreams have not been such. I am just grateful to sleep through the night.

What I have experienced is periods of art lethargy. When that happens, I resort to doodling and experimenting.

I started this piece on Arches paper with every intent on recreating an image I had done last year. After laying down the colors, I was inspired to doodle and bring to the page a lot of variety. Over the course of a week, I’d sit with the paper and doodle, paint, doodle, paint all the while having a love-hate relationship with the outcome.

In the end, I took the plunge to post it and refer to it as my COVID CRAZIES. Along the way, I learned a little more about how some things work out or don’t but you won’t know until you try.

Covid Crazies

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