…the artist…

At a young age, I enjoyed using crayons and sketching things. Things that only a mother would love and hang on the walls.

The Cardinal Couple – Third Grade

I also liked to dance and at the age of 5 started ballet lessons going on to dance, sing and act in community theaters for another 25 years.

I turned many corners and finally arrived in corporate training and development roles. Now after a 30 year career, I am reconnecting with my inner artist. Sadly my body doesn’t dance like my imagination does.

Returning to a visual art form using different media was not only sensible but served to fulfill my creative needs. I started painting rooms in my new home which is exhausting work and was not as satisfying as I had hoped. Then I started re-purposing items to make new art. before finally coming into the world of watercolor.

American Flag Panels from Previously Used Canvases

Then in 2019, I explored various watercolor styles from loose florals to whimsical to realistic. I set a goal to journal every day and to create one or two new pieces each month. I accumulated roughly 40 3″x3″ watercolor panels and decided that I’d give ones that I was most pleased with to my talented and artistic daughter as a gift. Soon after, the idea to send my art to family and friends as a greeting was motivating.

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