Valentine 2020

I started working on a Valentine’s card a little late. Finally I found an image and tag line on Pinterest that was generic for “my Valentine’s.” I also had a neighbor whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I decided to make a unique card just for her.

Because I enjoy experimenting with different media and the challenge to reuse things, I took a lot of my discarded watercolor (okay, call them mistakes or flawed) and painted over the paper with acrylics before cutting them into heart shapes. These made nice bookmarks.

Finally, I pulled tissue paper, markers and pencil to make a special card for my husband.

Handmade Birthday Card – Card for all my Valentines – Bookmark for a Friend – Valentine Card for my Husband

Published by Helena

After a diverse career in Corporate America, I am freeing myself of a ton of ego traps; chief among them is "perfectionism." Watercolor, when left to its own devices and imperfections seems to create something more beautiful than intended. I am still a student and love the learning journey. Sharing that with friends and family in the form of greeting cards, has been a surprise filled with joy.

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