In trying to classify this latest piece of art, I came across a list of 49 so called “painting styles and techniques. I did not know that I could choose from 49 techniques and styles. This list includes the various art media that can be used.

Media include watercolor, oil, acrylic, oil paint, pastels (oil and chalk), pen, pencil, charcoal, inks. Would you have included spray paint? Sand?

As for style, I could list abstract, impressionist, realism, graffiti. That still does not add up to 49. Also included are portrait, allegory, fresco, digital, etc.

So what is THIS art?

I would not call it any style or technique. Rather, it is an expression of me at my most creative and relaxed. I had nothing to gain; nothing to lose.

It all started with a watercolor that turned out to be a failed experiment. I chose to recycle or repurpose that piece. (I dislike waste. I even make left overs from my left overs.)

I had no end in mind. I had orange acrylic at hand and a wide brush and swished that over the watercolor image. When I took breaks from other pieces that I was working on, I’d bring this one to the forefront and add a layer: different acrylic colors, scraps of other painted pieces. After about 4 or 5 days and testing out some additional techniques (or just basic futzing), I had created this.

I call it Shifting. Shifting has so many meanings.

I made an artistic shift. The colors represent the shifting seasons. And if you turn the image over and over, there is a shift in perspective. You will see things differently and different things.

My husband liked it so much that he has framed the original and placed it aside my original Painted Bunting.

I hope you have an opportunity to “shift,” to pivot, to turn, to transpose. It is a wonderful feeling. Happy Fall.

Published by Helena

After a diverse career in Corporate America, I am freeing myself of a ton of ego traps; chief among them is "perfectionism." Watercolor, when left to its own devices and imperfections seems to create something more beautiful than intended. I am still a student and love the learning journey. Sharing that with friends and family in the form of greeting cards, has been a surprise filled with joy.

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